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  • RawTherapee 4.2.269 Multilingual
    Windows Software | RawTherapee 4.2.265 Multilingual | 14.39 MB

    RawTherapee – which stands for The Experimental Raw Photo Editor – is an editor for RAW images, the unprocessed image format used by reflex cameras. A RAW image is not ready to be used as an image; it’s more like a digital negative you can process to obtain the final picture. And Raw Therapee makes the whole process very easy and enjoyable.
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  • Collectorz.com Music Collector Pro 15.3.3 Final
    Windows Software | Collectorz.com Music Collector Pro 15.3.3 Final | 27 MB

    Music Collector Pro - is an intuitive CD database software solution that you can use to automatically catalog your music collection, without requiring any complicated user input. Music enthusiasts always have large collections of discs, but nowadays, it is more practical to have all the songs stored on the computer, rather than on CDs strewn all over the house. Collectorz.com Music Collector is a nice app that was designed to help you organize all the music you possess. The program has a clean interface that should be easy to figure out by all users.
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  • SynciOS Data Recovery 1.0.4 Multilingual
    Windows Software | SynciOS Data Recovery 1.0.4 Multilingual | 25.93 MB

    Syncios Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery tool which can recover almost all deleted files directly from iOS device, as well as recover data from iTunes backup, iCloud backup under various tough circumstances, including: accidentally deleted, water damage, restore factory setting.
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  • BroadGun pdfMachine Ultimate 14.81
    Windows Software | BroadGun pdfMachine Ultimate 14.81 | 12.77 MB

    pdfMachine is simple and fast, with no complicated options and is a native Windows print driver. If you know how to print from an application then you can use pdfMachine! PDF enabled software is a vital component for every desktop. PDF or Portable Document Format is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for publishing on the web. This pdf writer pdfMachine converts a print stream from an application directly into a PDF.
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  • Collectorz.com Book Collector Pro 15.3.3 Final
    Windows Software | Collectorz.com Book Collector Pro 15.3.3 Final | 25.43 MB

    Book Collector Pro is a software application that enables users to catalog their book collections. It offers the possibility of sorting books by different criteria, as well as keeping track of the items that were loaned. Multiple databases can be created, and books can be added by either performing an automatic search process or by manually entering the details about each book. Obviously, the first option simplifies the entire process of creating a book collection, as it allows users to look for books by ISBN, author and title, or LCCN.
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  • FBackup 5.4 Build 810 Multilingual
    Windows Software | FBackup 5.4 Build 810 Multilingual | 55.6 MB

    FBackup - fast and easy-to-use utility for backing up and restoring data. Redundant data can be backed up or copied, maintaining the original look and structure. Thus FBackup protects important information automatically saving backups to any USB device, local or remote computer.
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  • J. River Media Center 20.0.132 Multilingual
    Windows Software | J. River Media Center 20.0.132 Multilingual | 27.56 MB

    JRiver Media Center 20 – all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players. It plays all media, rips, burns, and organizes all your music, images, and video. MC encodes and plays all popular media formats. Powerful utilities include Media Server for streaming music and images to remote PCs. Media Center is more than a world class player. It’s also a Media Network, a whole house music, movie, TV, and photo solution. The leader in audiophile quality sound. The most powerful media database available; an essential tool for large collections.
    JRiver Media Center plays more file formats than any other player. Connected media from Netflix, Hulu, Last.fm, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia. And it sends to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

    JRiver Media Center supports more cell phones, MP3 players, DLNA, and other devices. Powers an HTPC to entertain your family. Even different playback in multiple zones. And it can record high definition TV, and provide a replacement for cable TV. It has a Theater View interface, controllable by a MC Remote, an iPad, iPhone, Android, a Windows netbook or Touchscreen. JRiver Media Center is a DirectShow player. Obsessive taggers will be delighted with cover art and metadata options. And MC backs up your work so you can sleep at night.

    JRiver Media Center has a streamlined user interface designed to make it even easier to organize, find and play your digital files, and to connect to hardware devices. Make a CD of music for your car. Record your favorite shows and watch them on your TV. More than one soundcard? Play different music simultaneously in different rooms. MC’s Media Server can even stream your music to your PC at work!

    JRiver Media Center Features:

    * Native support of DirectShow DSP filters
    * Audiophile – WASAPI exclusive output using high-end USB DACs
    * Audiophile – Added ability to play files from memory instead of disk
    * Audiophile – Support for high end USB DAC’s with WASAPI
    * Headphone DSP makes listening more natural and comfortable.
    * SoundcardSwitch command for the launcher, allows soundcard selection
    * 3D album view adjusts text size to display more tracks when necessary
    * 3D album view allows playing, adding, shuffling, and adding as next to play

    * Image Preview allows zoom from a thumbnail to rotate, delete, compare, edit, and more
    * Image thumbnail frames (optional)
    * Photoshop PSD file support
    * Single command copy / send to an editor like Photoshop, and stack new image with original

    * Video tagging using sidecar files
    * Chapter Support for MKV and MP4
    * Chapters added to On Screen Display
    * Info Panel displays metadata

    * Added new “watched” column to metadata
    * EPG can automatically retrieve XMLTV data
    * Automatic correlation of XML channel names and MC channel names
    * Info Panel displays metadata, including TV program art
    * TV program art from YADB

    Theater View
    * Watch Hulu and YouTube from Theater View
    * Customizable nested views in Theater View
    * Customizable File Info panel to display metadata
    * Speed and quality enhancements
    * Custom backgrounds
    * Touch screen support
    * On screen clock

    Remotes and Servers
    * Wiki articles: Remotes and Servers
    * Remote Relay using IR transceivers for controlling a set top box or receiver
    * Remote Setup Wizard
    * Media Center Remote learning and blasting
    * Media Center can connect to another Media Center to act as a remote (TRemote)
    * New HID remote control plug-in – supports shortcuts with keyboard, mouse and gamepad
    * Remote control with REST based Web Service Interface in Library Server
    * Library Server supports read and write to allow for shared, multi-user database access
    * DLNA added to the UPnP Server
    * Library Server clients can write changes back to server
    * Library Server connections allow playback on server as Playing Now zones

    Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.

    Changes in JRiver Media Center 20.0.132:
    1. Fixed: Capture-only television channels could not be recorded.
    2. Fixed: Picking “Record current hour” (or “Record current two hours”, “Record current three hours”) on TV Recording context menu while watching a TV show would result in two recordings, a normal one and a short one.
    3. Fixed: Pressing “Live TV” button on MCE remote control (or sending MCC 30002) while already playing a TV channel in Theater View could lead to crash.
    4. Fixed: Changing CableCARD television channels live did not work when in time-shifting mode since build 20.0.116
    5. Fixed: Disabling the Shell Extension in the options did not always work.
    6. Fixed: Doctor Who was not finding local file matches in many cases.


    Download: J. River Media Center 20.0.132 Multilingual






  • Collectorz.com Game Collector Pro 15.3.3 Final
    Windows Software | Collectorz.com Game Collector Pro 15.3.3 Final | 27.36 MB

    Game Collector Pro is an application that helps you automatically catalog your games in a database. Just type the game title or type/scan its barcode to download all data from various sources on the internet (like Amazon), including title, publisher, developer, platform, genre and the cover image. Browse your collection by genre, publisher, platform, etc... or use the Thumbnail View to view your cover images. Sort and group on any field, print lists and export to HTML, CSV or XML. Use the integrated Loan Manager to track which games you loaned and to whom.
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  • TeamViewer 10.0.45471 + Portable

    TeamViewer 10.0.45471 + Portable | 22,06 Mb

    TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings - Remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. Find out why more than 200 million users trust TeamViewer!
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  • Amaranthe - Massive Addictive (JP Retail) FLAC (2014)
    Amaranthe - Massive Addictive (JP Retail) FLAC (2014)
    Artist: Amaranthe | Album: Massive Addictive | Genre: Metalcore
    Released: 2014 | Tracks: 14 | Playtime: 00:47:57 | Format: FLAC | Bitrate: 1065 Kbps | Size: 358 MB
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  • Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Last DJ FLAC (2002)
    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Last DJ FLAC (2002)
    Artist: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers | Album: The Last DJ | Genre: Rock
    Released: 2002 | Tracks: 12 | Playtime: 00:48:05 | Format: FLAC | Bitrate: 1031 Kbps | Size: 341 MB
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  • Wallpapers on a desktop 734

    Wallpapers on a desktop 734
    135 JPG | 1680 x 1050 ... 5616 x 3509 | 293 MB

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  • Conforce – Presentism (2015)
    Conforce – Presentism (2015)
    Artist: Conforce | Album: Presentism | Genre: Electronic
    Released: 2015 | Tracks: 12 | Playtime: 01:15:13 | Format: MP3 | Bitrate: 320 Kbps | Size: 173 MB
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  • Mistake Made – Vault Series 17.0 (2015)
    Mistake Made – Vault Series 17.0 (2015)
    Artist: Mistake Made | Album: Vault Series 17.0 | Genre: Techno
    Released: 2015 | Tracks: 4 | Playtime: 00:25:09 | Format: MP3 | Bitrate: 320 Kbps | Size: 58 MB
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  • Myles Serge – The Caduceus (2015)
    Myles Serge – The Caduceus (2015)
    Artist: Myles Serge | Album: The Caduceus | Genre: Techno
    Released: 2015 | Tracks: 4 | Playtime: 00:26:51 | Format: MP3 | Bitrate: 320 Kbps | Size: 63 MB
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